Cedar Point donates one-day Cedar Point admission tickets to qualifying applicants.
Unfortunately, we do not donate Cedar Point Shores or Castaway Bay waterpark tickets. We also do

not donate season passes or overnight Cedar Point Resort accommodations.

Please read this information carefully prior to submitting your application to determine
if you may be eligible for complimentary Cedar Point one-day admission tickets. 
Requests not using the proper online form will not be considered or acted upon.


The purpose of Cedar Point's Charitable Ticket Donation Program is to assist individuals and qualified non-profit organizations. Tickets for this program are limited and the guidelines below are strictly enforced.


Donations are made based on need.  We strive to assist as many physically or emotionally disabled individuals as we possibly can.


Fund-raising provides valuable support to schools, churches, organizations and communities. Due to the demand, however, donations for fund-raising efforts are only made to causes that directly assist  physically or emotionally disabled individuals, persons suffering from a catastrophic illness or who require a life-saving medical procedure or medical research.

Some requests for fund-raisers that do not qualify include raising funds for the purchase of playground, sporting or computer equipment, scholarship programs, building renovations/expansions, general operating expenses, etc.  We also do not donate tickets to be used as rewards for reading programs or prizes for events. 


National organizations with chapters or branches throughout the country solicit our support each year (i.e. American Cancer Society, American Heart Association, United Way, Muscular Dystrophy Association, etc.). Due to the vast number of requests received, we try to support national and regional organizations or efforts on their behalf in our local surrounding area. There are some organizations that do not solicit donations in our own community and therefore we do consider these requests outside of our local community.


Make-A-Wish requests will only be considered when submitted directly through a Make-A-Wish Chapter.   Individual requests will not be considered.


Donations are not given to organizations for incentives or rewards for their staff members being honored for their volunteer services for the organization, for students as incentives for good behavior and good attendance at school, as an incentive to entice children to participate in summer reading programs, etc.


We do not donate to Post-Graduation/Prom activities. We receive numerous requests from high school groups and with limited resources available, we cannot provide tickets to every graduating class who requests them. Therefore, to be as fair as possible, we do not donate to any of these types of requests.


We usually do not make more than one donation to an individual, organization or cause in a given year. With few exceptions, we do not contribute to the same group or organization in consecutive years.

Donations are two to four complimentary tickets per qualifying request in most cases.

The above policies are basic guidelines. There will be times, however, when exceptions are warranted and will be made at the discretion of the program administrator. 


Note: An alternative fund-raising solution may be available.
Cedar Point offers a Volunteer Work program to raise money for groups and organizations.
Please click here for more information.  

We require the submission of a flyer or brochure for all events. 
If you do not upload your flyer or brochure it will void your request.


If you meet these guidelines and would like to submit an application online, please continue.